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How do you game?

Question asked by ajlueke on Feb 14, 2017
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The titular question is something I have been curious about for a while.  Now that HDR is being positioned as the new golden child of the display industry and 3D being given up for dead, is HDR that something that will get the average gamer to upgrade?  How do most of the other Red Team members use their gaming rigs?   Do you game at your desk, or from the couch on a TV?  Is Freesync/Gsync important or is resolution/HDR what you gravitate towards?  What about audio?


For me personally, I game with my PC plugged into my TV.  Typically  I use a Xbox One Elite controller, but on games that favor a mouse and keyboard I also have a Razer Turret that I use.  I do this primarily because I have a nice home theater speaker system that sounds amazing with games.   The audio quality is excellent, and as most game engines support directional audio, the surround helps in isolating where an enemy is coming from.   The gaming PC also doubles as a mkv repository for my DVDs and Blu-rays.   Thus I can play movies at full audio fidelity and play with maximum sonic impact.  This is actually one of the biggest reasons I am and AMD fan.  They were the first to put HDMI audio directly on the graphics card (5000 series) without requiring a separate sound card.


I realize I am missing out on freesync as TVs don't support that technology (any news on that?).   I do notice screen tearing when frames get high, and the input lag with vsync enabled.  But I'm not sure I would be willing to sacrifice the sonic experience to eliminate those things.  As I sit on the couch, about 10ft from the display, 4K isn't very useful for me.  Not only does it strain graphics hardware, but I doubt I would be able to notice a difference in picture quality at that distance on the 55" TV.  With some of these 30"+ curved monitors however, I can see how it might be a major advantage for those sitting at a desk.   I don't have any experience with HDR, so I'm not sure if that is something I would be willing to update a display for.  However, if TV manufacturer's release a TV with freesync 2 and HDR, I would definitely consider a display upgrade.  Until then, my 2009 LCD TV works just fine.


So now it is time to hear from the rest of you.  How do you game?  What are the must have features that drive your gaming setup?  Is 4K important?  What about HDR and Freesync?  Maybe I am missing out on something by sacrificing those features.