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    [Vulkan] [The Talos Principle] 25 Hz in FullHD !!!


      I have a serious request from AMD! Since it is not very proficient in English, will begin with the first topic created about this issue in the Steam community: Vulkan and 50 Hz refresh rate :: The Talos Principle General Discussions


      As you can see, the problem with the Vulkan stretches back to last summer. Many times I have sent a report about this bug, but the results were not. Now I write on this forum.


      I have already sent a detailed bug report to support Croteam. Copy:

      Here's the thing: The bottom line is this: when you switch on the monitor API Vulkan hertz forcibly changed to 50 Hz (and not only in the game, but even on the Windows desktop if the game roll !!!).
      I found this problem a long time ago, another driver, 16.7.3 (16.7.1 on this issue was not, and I missed 16.7.2). One user has already created a theme with the complaint as early as August, but somehow sidestep it:


      This is a very serious problem, because AMD users are deprived of the possibility of normal play your games with API Vulkan. Try to play with such Hertz and understand our pain..

      And I will gather all the data and send you, so you tried to contact the AMD and solve this problem.


      Briefly about my system: Windows 10 64-bit, Radeon HD 7850, i5 3570, 8 GB DDR3

      In "Graphics Settings" I put default, and "Performance" set to "Ultra".
      Interesting: this problem is noticeable in FullHD. If you set a different resolution (for example, 1776*1000), then the monitor blinking..

      AlenL recently posted in the Steam community: The Talos Principle - Update 291145 :: The Talos Principle General Discussions and suggested that the problem is LIKELY on the side of the drivers. And will try to solve this problem with AMD. I BEG you to notice this problem and solve it together with Croteam. Please!


      P. S. Attached to the message logs from the system (dxdiag) and the Crimson