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    Is there still Dual Graphics Support in Crimson?




      I tested some Frames on the R7 240, with an A8-7650K with 6 R7 200 Suport Cores.

      First I installed the Catalyst 13.35 drivers from the mainboard manufacturer.

      They have the ``Activate Dual Graphics'' Option.


      Civilization 5 ran on pure performance with 60 Frames at least,

      I'm pretty sure, the Game limits at 60Hz, maybe because of the drivers.

      With fairly high settings, High Detail, etc, it was only 28-38 fps,

      the 60fps where more constant.


      Then I installed first the 16.12.2 drivers, after a few test the 17.2.1 drivers, Crimson ReLive.

      With the same settings, the fairly high ones, I got, again, 60, 61fps max, so Fraps says.

      That at least doubled the performance of the R7 240. (At least, if framepacing is stuck at 60Hz.)


      So, it sounds stupid, but I want to be sure, the Crimson ReLive drivers supports Dual Graphics?

      Even if, you don't have to configure it?


      Second question is, the new APUs don't support Dual Graphics anymore?

      Or don't you just not advertise with it?

      60fps on an R7 240 with lots of high detail configuration, with the support of 6 R7 supportcores on the A8,

      is something to be content about.

      On of the best developments, one of the biggest progress in the history of the personal computer.

      Affordable (I just don't like to spell Performance), even if you just play round based strategy games, or adventures,

      Not so much generated heat, because the computer needs an CPU anyway, hence, quiteter.

      So I hope, Dual Graphics is still there. Hoping some day on the Summit Ridge.


      What about the AMD Profiles? There was on for civilization_dx11.exe. (For the AMD CrossFire Modus, helped.)

      There are altogether quite a few Profiles, but still not enough, i presume, looking at the available games.

      If I buy a game in the future.., well, i like performance, must be the good pictures.


      What leads to the last, and rather embarrassing question, ``Gaming Evolved''?

      Well I sometimes read boulevard, I don't have to much expertise around me in

      everyday live, BUT I HEARD, the ``Gaming Evolved'' Contract with raptr isn't anymore.

      True or not? (don't trick me, I can still download the app)


      Thands in advance,

      hope for answere


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          It can be, that AMD started to refuse from "Dual graphics" name. Because Dual graphics is a type of Crossfire mode (hybrid Crossfire)

          Check Radeon settings>Gaming>Global for Crossfire switch and "Show Crossfire Logo" switch.

          You can use GPU-Z to check your Crossfire status(and show me a picture of GPU-Z main screen)

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              @redfury (Radeon enthusiast, or.... *smirk*)


              The RX-Series, doesn't have the Dual-Graphics description.

              I don't know about the Summit Ridge, but it also has some Radeon GPUs, to support

              Floating Point computations.

              That's why I asked the question. Dual-Graphics is awesome.

              Did it merge into HSA (ARM, AMD, Samsung, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, etc.), as feature with no name?

              ( http://www.hsafoundation.com )

              I would really like to know, read some things, but I am not sure about all the specs of the Processors.


              The Crossfire Loge, yeah, should have guessed, the Crossfire Profiles...

              I'm playing Civ5 at the moment, and there is a ``CivilizationV_DX11.exe'' Profile, for the

              Crossfire Mode, like I wrote, the 16.50 Radeon drivers, as described in the ``System'' Section

              of the Radeon Settings, gave a lot of additional performance to the same graphicscard.


              Here the GPU-Z Screens:




              (R7 Dual Graphics)




              (Sapphire R7 240 alone)


              I'm astonished, the Sapphire without Dual-Graphics shows 384 Unified Shaders,

              the R7 Graphics + R7 200 Dual Graphics seems to have only 320 Unified Shaders.

              The Sapphire alone has a performance of 17,3 G Texel/s, the Dual-Graphis only 15.6.

              Maybe I should test the R7 alone.

              I don't know what these numbers mean.

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              Gaming evolved (raptr) was discontinued months ago. It caused too many problems.

              AMD CrossFire™ and Dual Graphics Requirements and Setup FAQ

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                  That's what I heard.

                  It's kind of sad, but that is probably, what can happen, if you assign an external contract.


                  To automaticaly set the best perfomance/quality settings for your system is a great idea.

                  The frame rate, and possibly the picture quality... ( ), profited from that.

                  But the last two or three, or so, driver releases brought a lot more for the R7,

                  as far as I can tell.

                  I wonder, if the Crossfire Profiles, in the Crimson Radeon Settings profited from

                  that, too.

                  Edit (19. Feb 2017; 12:55h CET): I meant, profited from the ``Gaming Evolved'' app.

                  There must be, in this times we hope anonymous, a lot of settings and Benchmark results,

                  which can be applied, to make your graphicscard run perfectly.


                  Well, at least, you can still download the application.


                  Thanks for the Dual-Graphics link, I have to work through those.

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                      @my own post


                      Like I mentioned before, with the 13.35 Drivers, then Catalyst, I got with minimal settings about 60 Frames

                      in ``Civilization V'', as far as I know, the frame rate is limited, so it could have been more possible.

                      Radeon Graphics Profile set to ``optimize performance'', (maybe i can't access all settings), the game

                      profile, in the ``Radeon Setting'' game section, set to ``Use Game Options'' and those all set to minimal,

                      maybe the landscape and texture Settings a bit higher.


                      When I started playing ``Civilization V'' with higher settings, I got about 30 Frames, which dropped,

                      as the civilizations spread on the map.

                      With the 16.50 drivers, ``17.2.1 Crimson Relive'', I got 60 frames at first, which dropped to.

                      (still didn't find the optimal settings, working on the ini files, tesselation limited to 8x, aa at 4x, etc.,

                      all in FullHD (1920x1080).

                      ``Gaming Evolved'', and the ``CivilizationV_DX11.exe'' predefined CrossFire Modus Profile, brought

                      an (big?) performace plus for the R7 240, but as far as I can tell, the overall performance boost

                      from the ``17.2.1 Crimson Relive'' drivers was even greater.

                      Must be the last three or so driver updates, so speaking from the having an R7 GPU point of view,

                      it should be beneficial, to update the drivers, R7 profits, my HD6450 does not, so the update utility says.


                      @off topic: if anyone know the benchmark starting launch option/switch, or some other, or has a detailed description

                      of the ini settings (config.ini, UserSettings.ini, GraphicSettingsDX11.ini),

                      write me.

                      I'm working through the ini files, and use the \novid (skip intro Video), \dx11 (skip the choose DX version screen)