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    RX 480 Nitro Sudden Display freeze then black screen


      hello guys. i am facing a problem with my rx 480 nitro 4gbu ram.


      as the title says..whenever i am playing a certain game the screen freezes then turns on black for like few seconds then display turns back on.i have tried every possible solution i have found through browsing and it was changing the voltage in the wattman settings but sadly that didnt work.


      i would appreciate any kind of help that i will receive on this thread and thanks in advance


      NOTE : i am using dual monitor a samsung tv and asus monitor (details will be found in the attachment of my pc specs)

      NOTE 2 : my power supply is brand new corsair 650W

      NOTE 3: yes i am using hdmi v2.0

      NOTE 4: this is only happening for 1 of the games that i am playing the rest are totally fine..if you would like to upload a small preview of my problem i wouldnt mind it