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    No color saturation option in latest drivers




      I just updated to latest drivers but the aditional settings for color saturation are gone. Why would you remove this? Just tell me why, my screen looks like absolute crap now and the color temperature option doesn't really cut it (not in the software and not on my screen). Nvidia still has this so why would you remove it? I'm baffled. AMD please don't let me get put up with this, it looks terrible. Also, when I click additional settings it says: "Radeon Additional Settings cannot be started"



      r9 270x

      Win 10 home

      Amd 17.2.1 drivers

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            i'm going to tell you something about that so-called "fix".

            i actually went to the trouble of trying "the fix" and wattman does not function when performing "the fix" on my fury x. crimson ui only yields blank labeled meters and switches in the wattman window when installing the driver as described in "the fix".

            needless to say, wattman works just fine doing a typical install but not when using "the fix".

            it seems a bit disingenuous to refer to something that doesn't actually do what it's intended to do without breaking some other core function of the driver package as "the fix".


            but the main thread you refer people to in this forum is closed, so i guess the fix is "written in stone" and i guess you can always universally refer back to that closed thread to garner more helpful votes even though "the fix" won't work at all for fury x owners and likely, others. lucky, lucky you. eh?

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            Dear AMD,


            Some say you are the underdog and I always root for underdogs, that's why I was a customer of you for years......was. It was a fun ride but I have moved over to the green camp.


            All you've done lately is make your software more and more unpleasant to use. The removal of the color saturation option and no action from your side is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back for me. Do some Googling and see how much people miss this function or at least communicate to your customers why you removed it. Most screens just look like crap without it.


            I've been using the nVidia software now for a couple of days and it's much more pleasant and intuitive to use, and more importantly, I can set the color saturation again (digital vibrance). You'll probably get some good sales with the launch of Vega soon, but you aint getting my money no more.



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