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Can't install driver HD 7850 on win 8.1/win10 error 1603

Question asked by fun_dogg on Feb 14, 2017

Hello !

Can't install driver Msi Twin frozer III HD7850 on win 8.1/win10 error 1603

I was playing Rainbow six siege (win10)when suddenly display started pixely and frozen reset the computer and black screen nothing else...
Had to reinstall OS win 8.1 after install got display for 2-4 minutes then black screen again...
Safe mode ddu uninstall microsoft display drivers...and disabled auto windows driver install.
It looks okay I've tried install the latest driver with no said error 1603

I've removed my GPU dust off. Check everything fan cables etc. they were fine. Put back boot..installing drivers it sadi hasn't been installed drivers properly...


So i've no clue what to do now. Please tell me that I don't have to buy a new card !


Many thanks, Dan. !