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Controlcenter does not work win crimson drivers win10/64

Question asked by shumway65 on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2017 by shumway65

i have the problem that the new controlcenter does not work with crimson drivers, with older noncrimson drivers no problem

i had the problem with xfx r9 380 card and also with new sapphire r9 fury - yes i cleaned all drivers with uninstalltool

the method mentioned in the faq "Sort the entries by "Public Key Token", and then delete every entrywith"90ba9c70f846762e"as the Public Key Token.
         Note: Administrator privileges are required, and this must be done in Safe Mode".
does not work for me because  the mentioned public token does not exist on my pc

does anyone have a solution ?