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Question asked by nenad on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by ismithers

Hello, i bought G2460PF AOC Monitor - AOC  and after many many days of experiments, i can't get freesync to work normally. For example, on 144hz, freesync in csgo destroys frame rate and each bullet fired makes my game "freeze". Also, in world of warcraft (legion), screen flickers in game(also in CS:GO but not so much in game, more like in main menu). I'm really curious about this freesync technology, i looked over thousand support questions and informations, and i still can't figure out problem. Same goes for "rocket league", i get even black lines(the ones when you force too much fps over display and lines show on screen).


I really need some help. I'm using DP cable, and  settings. Please help.


PS1: I tried already disabling other monitor, nothing happens.


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