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Laptop freezes while installing drivers for Radeon 8850M

Question asked by rapt0rdk on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2017 by menyus420

I have a Dell Inspiron 3537 with AMD Radeon HD 8850M. Recently I had a PC crash where the windows won't boot up beyond the windows logo and no amout of reset or restore would work. I was forced to do a clean Install of Windows 10 Pro 1607 Anniversary Edition. This was the last major build i remember running propeerly on my laptop. I went on to install the drivers available on Dell website and all of them installed properly. I installed the Intel HD Graphics driver for the inbuilt display adapter and that worked perfectly. It was time for the driver for the Radeon next. I tried installing the one i got from the Dell website, CCC Version 15.201.1101, A01. The problem arises during the display driver install phase. Midway it freezes the whole laptop, mouse pointer and all, and all I can do is push the power button to force shutdown.

I tried various solutions i found in the forums like clearing previous installation with DDU, disabling Windows Update, Disabling Antivirus(I don't have any 3rd party antivirus as its a clean install, but i also tried deactivating Windows Defender to cross off any possibilities.).Nothing worked.

I also tried other driver versions. I tried to install driver directly from AMD, where i was given the Crimson Relive 16.12.2 Driver. It also acted exactly same, freezing the laptop during display driver installation.

I also tried installing Dell drivers for Windows 8 and 8.1 which were old  CCC version 12.100.14 and 13.201.0 respectively. These gave a new problem. This time after a few normal Flickers it gets stuck in a black screen.

After that i also tried to install the Radeon Driver first. I deleted both Intel and Radeon with DDU. Then went on with the radeon driver installation first. This time Crimson Relive 16.12.2 and CCC Version 15.201.1101 both gave black screens, while CCC version 12.100.14 and 13.201.0 gets installed but in the device manager beside the radeon HD 8850M i get the yellow exclamation sign and device info says, device stopped as the driver malfunctioned or something, and i can not find the Catalyst control Centre anywhere on my PC.


I have had problems with this display driver in the past but i have been able to solve those, but this is turning out to be a nightmare. Please HELP.