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Profire V3900 freezing NGstudio crashing pinnacle

Question asked by dreggers on Feb 13, 2017

We have upgraded all our video editors to Pinnacle Ver 19 Ultimate.  The speed controls do not work well if at all on these systems.  They have I7-4790 processors, 16GB RAM, and Profire V3900 video card.  This software, older version, has worked for us on any other system.  I have an HP with simple onboard video on two systems and all the speed functions work fine.  I have updated the driver to 15.201.2401.0   Nothing Pinnacle and I have tried has solved our problem.  It seems to be video related.  Any ideas?  I have 18 systems that are experiencing these issues.  We also use Solid Works, AutoCAD, Revet, and Photo shop on these systems with very good results.    Can we get a fix figured out?  Thanks