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Fans only start when setting a new manual min speed.

Question asked by marco95 on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by marco95

Hi Community,


I have an issue with the Radeon crimson driver. When i start my computer and start playing a game (any game) the fans won't turn on at all and suddenly the driver crashes and the default settings have been restored when you restart amd settings(it will be on like 80C if you then immediately go to wattman after crash). My fan speed is on manual 2000 min 3000 max. When i set my manual min rpm to something else and apply before gaming this problem does not occur and the fans will be at like 1800RPM when doing nothing (even though min is at 2000). It's getting pretty annoying to reset the min speed everytime when I restart my pc. Does anyone know what's causing this?


CPU: i5 7400

GPU: Powercolor red devil rx 480 8gb

          1350MHz clock, 2050 memory clock, 2000 min fan rpm, 3000 max fan rpm. Max temperature 80C, goal 70C.

          Powerlimit +25% on unlocked bios from powercolor. (Problem also occurs without overclock and on stock bios)

Motherboard: MSI h110m eco

RAM: Crucial 8gb 2133Mhz

Radeon Crimson version: 17.2.1


Does anyone know what's causing this and how to fix this issue? Can it be a defect in my graphic card? (it's 3 weeks old)

Isn't the card supposed to always run on the min fan RPM or more?


What i've tried:

- DDU uninstall of drivers and clean install

- Reset all settings ( grafic settings, shadercache and wattman)

- Normal bios without overclock