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    RX 480 core clocks constantly fluctuating on idle?


      I've just got a new RX 480, MSI gaming X version and on idle the core clock is constantly fluctuating like crazy from 800-1300mhz with the temps at 50 degrees ( I know the MSI cards fans don't come on till 60 ). Should this be happening?

      Here's a screenshot.


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          Hi clarkskull i have a RX 480 Red Devil oc 8gb and a similar problem, mine in idle is constantly at 1330 mhz and gpu usage fluctuating from 0 to 100% with temps over 60 degrees. This happens since 3 days, i tried all ( virus scan, malware scan, uninstalled drivers with ddu, switch on another slot pciex of motherboard, i also switched on the second bios of the card ) but the issue is always on. If i restart pc is fine but after few minutes without doing nothing the issue come back, if i play something the issue come out immediately. I bought the card on Amazon 2 months ago and tomorrow i will do rma. I don't know if this is an hardware or software issue. Please i need to know the cause of issue.


          UPDATE    i found the cause of the problem, simply is "windows defender user interface" that start hiddenblokingthe cardalso tried to put an old gtx 660 nvidia and the same problem. now i have to search how to prevent the program from auto start

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            "Idle" really isn't idle, your GPU is still under 2D stress from UI rendering, which causes the clocks to fluctuate.