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Game Profiles Antialising/Anisotropic settings keep reverting to "Use Application Settings" on every reboot. Using software version 16.12.2

Question asked by aarnoman on Feb 11, 2017
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For every game profile I have, whenever any custom settings are applied (i.e. setting antialising to "Override application settings" and level to "8xEQ"), the profile will lose all the settings and revert to a default game profile after every computer restart (see here: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet ).

This is occurring in software version 16.12.2 and 17.1.2


Running windows 10 x64 Home edition, with all current updates installed (as of 11/02/2017).


It seems to never save from memory to the hard disk: I see the profile in the %appdata%\local\amd\cn\gmdb.blb file, but it has no antialising override/anisotropic filtering/etc settings included. Oddly enough, radeon settings writes some information to the file when wattman is enabled for a profile, but it will never save any changes made in the 'profile graphics' tab.



Did some further testing. Frame rate control is the only setting under profile graphics that ends up succesfully saving to the gmdb.blb file. All other settings do not save (although radeonsettings does appear to modify the file, but not saving any changes, when the profile is backed out of post-change in radeon settings). Setting framerate target control to a value was also the only change within radeon settings that turned the "profileCustomized" value to "TRUE" (all other changes resulted in profileCustomized being forced to "FALSE", even when it was directly edited into the gmdb.blb file.


Seems to be possibly related to this previous issue: Crimson game profiles don't save after 16.1 hotfix


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