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AMD Radeon R5 M450 switched to Radeon HD 8500m after driver update

Question asked by org on Feb 11, 2017
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So I just bought this new laptop today.


Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz.

8 GB DDR4.

240GB SSD.


And I wanted to check the AMD Graphic setting which is done by right clicking on desktop and going to "AMD Radeon Setting " but I couldn't find it,

I double checked on DEVICE MANAGER that I wasn't missing something on my hardware and the graphic card "AMD Radeon R5 m450"  was there just what I wanted when I bought it.

So I decided I should check for drivers, scanner found them and I updated my drives from the AMD Radeon official website.

After the update was done, I check once again the graphic card is changed to Radeon HD 8500M and when I right click on desktop it SHOWS the settings thingy.

Anyone has any why would that happened?

Any idea is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.