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Question asked by mclingo on Feb 11, 2017
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Pre Crimson there were two very important option in CCC, dynamic range off/on and Dynamic range 16-235 / 0/255 switch, these went missing as did a lot of other useful feature when Crimson was first released. Over time as Crimson has matured AMD have started to put some features back but we are still missing this one which is very important for some, if not most HTPC users as you simply cannot get BTB/WTW dynamic range in KODi and some other apps without it.


There is no real need to go into the technical details of why you need BTBWTW or why its going but we'd really like it back, some of now are using third part tools to work around this but most of these dont hold the setting and it has to set again every time the PC is rebooted.




1) dont use KODI, use KODI DS + MADVR or MPC-HC +MADVR , this buypasses this problem so you can stilll get BTB & WTW

2) use the app below (at your own risk). There is an option in the DXVA section to set dynamic range on and to froce 16-235 colour space.

3) set up your PC using YBCR and dont worry about getting better black and better whites, gamers and audiophiles wont like this option, most people like to game in FULL RGB so they wont want to be switching it all the time, and there are no longer switchable profiles.


RadeonMod (Tweak Utility) - Forums



ray_m - As you've has some success fixing the H264 problem I wonder if you could turn your talents to this, we'd be internally grateful to have this returned to the setup options.