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    Radeon Relive not recording rocksmith audio


      hey guys...


      was wondering if im doing anything wrong as Relive isnt recording any audio at all from Rocksmith 2014.. rocksmith has and audio exclusivity setting but having it turned on or off make no difference... there are no threads regarding relive with this game specifically and i havent been a victim to slow-mo sound just none at all... no game sound or any sound capture from the rocksmith cable (it shows up as a microphone)... video is perfect even at 3200x1800... i had the problem in version 16.something (sorry for vagueness) and was hoping it would have been fixed by now unless im just being an idiot..


      MOBO: Asus A88X-PRO

      CPU: Athlon x4 860k (stock)

      GPU: XFX R9 390X

      Ram: 12GB 1333Mhz DDR3

      Crimson: 17.1.1



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          I had the same issues with Rocksmith and OBS.  It takes some tweaking between recording devices and playback devices with multiple being enabled.

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            I know why the answer is to check your sound recording device by right clicking the speaker on the bottom right where you see the time/date.  Click recording device then if you are using an onboard sound that comes from the motherboard like Realtek HD audio it might be disabled it will be called stereo mix. Enable it and there you go you should see a bar next to it test it by watching a video to see if it moves. Also, it will pop up in the audio capture device when you open Relive as the stereo mix I recently found this out if you are using a soundcard the name might be different just enable it.

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