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    AMD Radeon R9 290 Powercolour


      Hello Community!


      At first i need to say my english is bad so i explain it the best way i can.


      I have Following problem:


      For 2 Day´s ago i deletet my completly harddisk.I installed a completly new Original Windows version (Windows 8 Pro).I installed Windows new becaus my Graphiccard was Overheated in my game "Verdun".So i hope this card is not destroyed.Its a very good card.

      Now after i installed Windows the system the Toolmanager doesnt recognizes my Graphic-card.

      The toolmanager shows me only a "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" and not my R9 290 like before.

      What can i do that Windows accept my card...i tryed a lot to get this working and searched the completly internet but nothing helped me.

      I hope someone here can help me.....And i repeat its really possible that my card is destroyed because overheating , but i dont really know.

      After i installed windows is "everything" deleted...driver etc...

      I dont know what to do anymore...

      Hope to get help


      My Rig:

      Intel Core i5 4460 4x3,2GHZ

      Mainboard:H81M plus

      8GB ram ddr3 1800mhz

      amd radeon r9 290




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          There are no drivers for Win8. AMD or Microsoft does not support it. Upgrade for free to Win8.1. Then you will have a fully functional/supported OS.

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              Okay i patched Windows 8 pro to full version 8.1 now.

              The toomanager shows me the "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" again.Th toolmanager cant find my card....When i try to install now the Radeon driver my Pc get a Blackscreen when he is on that point to Install the "AMD-Screen driver".Suddenly the Monitor is black and i need to restart.


              Its possible that i deleted that Graphiccard ?

              I installed every driver ...chip,mainboard,HDD,DVD etc...

              I tryed to deinstall that Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and after that installing the Radeon driver but it crash all time.


              And i found in the tool manager that my "Videocontroller(VGA-compatibel)" have a question mark now.

              I need a driver special for my Videocontroller?