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    Rx 470 fan not working


      Ever since re-live came out my RX 470 fan has stopped working.


      To be clear, it was working 100% fine before. The GPU was fine. But re-live kept crashing, and crashing, and crashing. I could never figure out why initially, so I dug up some older drivers, reinstalled them, everything went back to working! But obviously this isn't a long term strategy, with newer games needing newer driver support. So I re-installed the new re-live drivers to see if it was fixed, nope. Checking why, fan is at 0rpm no matter what settings WattMan has. I start a game to see, and yep, no fan activity.


      The GPU hasn't suddenly broken either. Re-install the old drivers, fan works fine again. This is 100% the drivers fault. But now the old drivers crash whenever I try to access display settings, which I need for HDMI scaling. So now my GPU is just broken either way.


      RX470 Powercolor RedDevil