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Question regarding the download of AMD Crimson

Question asked by 20tucker94 on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by goodplay

For a while, I haven't ever used or needed to use the drivers that AMD has to offer. Recently, I decided that I want to use 4:3 stretched for CSGO, and to stretch, i need to go into AMD Crimson Settings. I have downloaded multiple recommended drivers that say they are AMD Crimson Settings, but it never seems to come. From my downloads, I have gotten "AMD Catalyst Control Center", "Help", "PlaysTV", "AMD Problem Report Wizard", and "AMD Quick Stream". Those are all in the Windows 10 "desktop" that you get by pressing the windows button in the bottom left, and looking at apps. In the bottom right, on the task bar next to the clock, I have "AMD Gaming Evolved", and a program that has a logo that looks like AMD Catalyst Control Center, and when hovered over, it shows certain settings of my display, such as resolution, colors, etc. When I press on it, it takes me to AMD Catalyst Control Center. I have tried updating things, and all that, but I still don't get AMD Crimson. Please help!