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    Update 17.1.2 doesn't install


      Hello, and thank you for helping me.


      Basically I'm trying to upgrade my driver from 16.12.2 to 17.1.2 through the AMD Radeon Settings.
      Everytime, I start the upgrade, wait for it to finish, than restart the computer as asked, and when the computer boot up I get told that my current version is 16.12.2 and that I have the option to upgrade to 17.1.2.



      I really have no idea of what is happening, please help



      I have a desktop PC (with the latest build of windows 10) build by myself.

      Graphic Card: AMD RX 480 Sapphire (being used since launch).

      Display Device: Maestro223DXL
      Motherboard: Gigabyte P67A-UD3P-B3 (Socket 1155)
      CPU:Power Supply Unit: OCZ Z5 series 550W

      RAM: 16GB