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System thread exception not handled error on windows 8.1 (HP, AMD A8)

Question asked by elisangyla on Feb 9, 2017

Hi there!


I have now for almost 2 months this error problem with my notebook. As you probably know this means the computer shuts down and restarts showing the above error message very often while watching videos and stuff. Today Ive spend the whole day looking for a solution, and Ive found plenty, from forums to youtube tutorials.

aswell as some allready excisting topics on this issue on this website. But unfortunately me being a woman, not knowing much about computers (only superficial) and english not being my native language Im stuck! I see alot of explanations on cases concerning diffrent kind of drivers, aswell as tutorials installing drivers on NVIDIA. But I cant find my excisting drivers which I need to insert to find an update for those.


- I have a HP notebook running on windows 8.1

- AMD A8

- AMD radeon graphics

- the specific drivers are : AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M260 and AMD Radeon (TM) R5 Graphics.


Please help me with a simple step by step tutorial concerning my specific drivers to get rid of this error.


Thanks in advance!