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PerfStudio Error When I want to open the "Frame Debugger" Tab

Question asked by glut32 on Feb 9, 2017



I would like to use PerfStudio on a ATI Video Card (Radeon HD 6470M). My goal is to monitorize the gpu memory usage (total, free, used) and view all created textures. And PerfStudio doesn't work with my OpenGL/Irrlicht game. After, I used a simple example from a NeHe tutorial (Lesson 7 - a textured cube with rotation with keyboard) : NeHe Productions: Lessons 06 - 10 ) but I have always the same error message box ("No draw calls were found when retrieving draw call list. Make sure your application is visible") when I want to go in "Frame Debugger" Tab (cf. the screenshot).  It's strange cuz I can connect to the NeHe OpenGL application trough PerfStudio and I can see the all draw calls (glVertex, glTextCoord, ...) but I can't access to the "Frame Debugger" tab.


Does Someone can help me?