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    WattMan settings keep restoring for "apparenlty" no reason


      Hi guys, i'm trying to use Wattman to undervolt my AMD480 and some light adjustments but randomly "usually after turning on the pc or a reboot" i keep getting the error "WattMan settings have been restored due to unexpected system faiure".

      Obviously, no system failure has been occurred, the system is 100% stable "hours and hours with prime95 and no overclock", the downvolt itself of the 480 is stable "multiple runs of 3DMark".

      Windows in up to date, as well as the driver, version 17.1.2 fresh install on a fresh install of Windows 10.

      This is my system.

      • Cpu: intel 7600
      • Mb: msi b250i
      • Gpu: Msi GamingX 480
      • Psu: Evga Supernova G2 550


      Thanks !

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          Try using DDU and then updating to Crimson 17.2.1

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              I know this is an old thread, but hey, if its not getting fixed,


              If I reboot or shut down, wattman settings restored.
              What are my changes?  Well, I change the fan profile to max at 3000rpm, and change the temp curves from 90/80 to 70/60 so it doesnt overheat every time I play a game.

              I'm very disappointed with this card... So disappointed in fact that I went out and bought a 1080 and moved the rx to my Recipe/Kitchen/Internet computer... that'll show it.

              Win 10




              default radeon wattman settings.pngversion.png

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                  Running on W10 Insiders X64 version on the latest available driver version at the moment.

                  I had the same Wattman restoring problem since I bought a new ADM 570 card , Tried older drivers etc. etc.

                  Could not get rid of Wattman, had many many many  resets. even when nothing that needed much work for the 570 graphics card was running

                  So I finally did something completely different, which I had done earlier on an older AMS HD 5750 card and had worked well there.

                  I took it out , carefully, unscrewed the ventilator and heat sink part , cleaned the heat conducting paste  on the processor and heat sink and  replaced that with the first class quality heat thermal paste I had used earlier, also on new processors,  and reassembled again. So far  I got not many  Wattman reset errors since. Running on default factory settings.

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                    Hey Z,


                    Sounds to me like you decided to switch ages ago, just using the AMD forum to tell others so you wouldn't feel so alone. I have had my hiccups with my card, one just recently in fact, tried some suggestions from others on this forum, however after some time I ended up re-installing my W7. Was it something in a AMD update? I can't be sure, I lean towards windows update as they changed the format to a bundle and now I can't see what's in that bundle. I have used AMD drivers for too long to flat out blame them. The one thing I would never do though is get on the forums here and write AMD hate mail, if I were ever to switch to green I would do it in the comfort of my own thoughts, if anything I would thank AMD for their years of service but respectfully tell them why I switched and leave it at that.


                    Everyone likes to blame someone else but they never look at the first culprit, " Themselves " Why? Because they are " Perfect " They Don't Make Mistakes.



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                  Most issues of this type result from using third party controllers...Trixx, GPU Tweak, Afterburner, MSI, Asus,etc. which conflict with Wattman/AMD settings.

                  Power Limit should be set to the max + value > AMD graphics performance

                  There are some reported issues of having hibernate enabled causing crashes.