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17.1.2 Drivers Break PWM Header on MOBO

Question asked by singular9 on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by singular9

So i have an asrock z170m extreme 4, and after installing the latest 17.1.2 drivers (up from previous version 16) it breaks my cha1 fan header and it wont run in pwm. I thought it was a bios update but after rolling back bios, and trying all sorts of fan combos and tweaks i did a system restore to a point before 17.1.2 and voila fans work in PWM mode.


Funny thing is cha2 fan header PWM works just fine. I just installed 17.1.2 and cha1 stopped working again so i guess im rolling back to 16 while i wait fora fix.


Anyone else have this issue? This is really weird and before you say its not amd drivers, its the only thing that fixes the fan header is rolling back to crimson version 16.