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RX 480's control panel causes my freesync monitor's (AOC G2460PF) driver to be installed/uninstalled in an endless loop

Question asked by gngeorgiev on Feb 9, 2017

Hey guys I have a kinda strange problem which I am encountering for the first time in my life, any help will be greatly appreciated.



As the title said when I open my AMD Controll panel this causes my monitor drivers to go haywire. Here's what happens:



1. If I open the control panel, my monitor goes black and in a few seconds everything is back to normal, except that the two monitors are swapped (one is freesync the other one is just a normal monitor).



2. If I open the Display tab in the control panel the monitors start to go crazy. Basically changing the resolutions and positions in an infinite loop. You can see this video: In th background you can hear the windows sound of *found a new driver* and then *installed a new driver*(not in the video since I was on headphones). All of this does not stop.



3. If I have the control panel installed even if I don't open it after a few minutes of normal work the same thing from the video starts happening. No apparent reason.



4. If I don't install the control panel, everything works great.






* I have installed the AOC beta driver as suggested in another post here.



* This happens both with version 16 and version 17 of the drivers.



* I can't turn off freesync to check if that's the problem since when I open the setting I need to reboot the PC.



* After this happens and I reboot the PC sometimes the driver is uninstalled, when I reboot it again, it's back.



* Happens on Windows 10 and 8.1.



I have no more ideas guys, I would like to use the control panel if possible.



Thank you in advance.