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Crimson Update Issues

Question asked by xrarehunterx on Feb 8, 2017

I bought a RX460 not too long ago and have had some issues whenever there was a update. the problem is that when i would try to update from the Crimson settings it would always say unable to launch. Then i would go and manually download the drivers and when i do this Crimson disappears from my computer and i can not find it. the first two times this happened i was able to resolve it by completely uninstalling all the drivers and just doing a fresh install. This time however even after i go to do a fresh install it says there is a incompatibility with my computer and it did not recognize that i had a 460 installed, it just said i had a Microsoft display adapter. I was able to finally get it to recognize my 460 but i still can not find the Crimson interface anywhere on my computer. Does anyone know hot to fix this?