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    My AMDied


      Help me I just got my new XFX RX 460 in the mail today and I keep getting flickers, lag and popups saying java has been denied access to graphics hardware, I installed the drivers and the reason I am not using XFX support is because it says not secure


      Please help me, specs:

      PC: Dell Optiplex 390 with core i3-2120 and 4GB DDR3

      EVGA 600w PSU

      XFX RX 460

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          The motherboard of a Optiplex 390 is only a x16 1.1 slot if I am not mistaken, so it really doesn't have enough bus to use the card efficiently.  Also, what is your OS and Operating System?  And what is telling you XFX Support is not secure?

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            i also bought rx 460 for my now old upgradesed 600 euro oem pc i hope only ebay digital to vga vill work i vwill make video on youtobe how it runs on old athlon cpu vs low graphics shity Playstation 4

            Beter not use oem old del computers they use lots of power becouse slow dualcore intel cpu and one of these died for my brother

            Or beter use some used laptop new ones are expensive and also low qualty whit taxes