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My GPU stucks at 400 MHz (memory changeable) with 2 monitors activated and at 300/150 with 1 monitor activated

Question asked by crounty on Feb 8, 2017

Hey there,

when I updated the driver from 17.1.1 to 17.1.2 I noticed my GPU stopped working properly.


My specs:



Radeon R9 270

ASrock 970 extreme 4

some unmodular bequiet PSU with 700W


What I can say at that time when it happened:

Afterburner was used to overclock some patches and wattman was used recently with 17.1.1


-Once I came to 17.1.2 my GPU stucked at 400 MHz core clock (while memory is adjustable) when both monitors were activated


- Furthermore once I disconnected 1 monitor via Windows, the clocks went to 300/150 MHz (memory wasnt adjustable anymore)


- GPU-Z showed the "normal" clocks (which shouldve been at 1050/1500, while hwmonitor and aida64 showed the actual clocks of either 400/1400 or 300/150


- Whenever I started a game in League of Legends, the core clock went from 400/1400 MHz to 1050/1400 MHz for some seconds and dropped down immediately


- Trying to reset via wattman changed the clock from 400/1400 MHz to 450/1400 MHz for a brief second which decreased back to 400 MHz


- What I noticed is, when I used the GPU benchmark from AIDA64, the GPU surprisingly used all of its 1050/1400 MHz until the benchmark ended, letting the GPU throttle back to 400/1400 MHz


- Also used clockblocked which changed the clocks in paper (even HWMonitor and AIDA64 showed the clocks of 1050/1500) but when trying to play it kept showing the same performance as before when it was throttled back to 400/1400 or 300/150 MHz


- Tried deleting drivers with DDU and going back to 17.1.2 didn't work


- Deleting drivers with DDU and going back to 17.1.1 didn't work aswell


- Eventually deleting drivers with DDU and going back to 16.11.5 also didn't work




I really would appreciate some help to fix this problem just cause of it being so obnoxious.