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Solve Crimson BSoD with A8-7600 (THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER)

Question asked by beecon on Feb 8, 2017



So, i will explain the problem... I have a AMD A8-7600 APU. And i am using the graphical part, the Radeon R7. In the CD of my motherboard, i have Catalyst driver, so i installed it, no problem. I wanna update catalyst... And the problems started ! I have now Radeon Crimson ! So i am saying "oh cool a new menu etc...". And what is my problem ? On windows 10 or 7, both 64 bits, i am getting BSoDs with the crimson driver ! So i am obligated to back to catalyst... With no ReLive (i am YouTuber, so i need relive).

Problem ?: Blue screen of death

With what ?: amd radeon crimson relive edition.

When ?: when i want do a lot of things at the same time in a game.


Please help me... or patch the problem. Bye ^^

PS: The name of error is : "thread stuck in device driver"