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error 174 with r9 380

Question asked by zonadani on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2017 by agape

So i have an r9 380 4GB graphic card, and now i have this driver: 15.15.1004-150619a-185674E. All te time if i power on the pc gain a pop up message for a new driver. But if i want to update it i recive an error with the code 174. i know this means not compatibile with my grapihc card.. but why? On the AMD side i search for solution, but only i found is this problem for only older graphic cards.. like R5 or HD8000 series. But i have an r9 300 series card?? So what should i do? On the side has newer and newr driver, like 16.12.2. or 17.1.2. but i cant update.. pls help me!