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    Radeon HD7570 color change


      We have a computer lab with Windows 10 and Radeon HD7570 cards. When a student watches a video the colors change on the screen  to look like the image I have attached. Any ideas?? We appear to have the latest driver. But this continues...


      Thanks for any help.

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          The green tinge?


          The HD7570 series has reached peak optimisation and been moved to legacy status, there will not be any further driver updates for your product. More information available here.


          The latest Crimson driver for your system is 16.2.1 and is available here.

          The last Catalyst driver for your system is 15.11.1 Beta and is available here.


          I would recommend using DDU to sweep your system of AMD drivers, and then trying the drivers above to see if they resolve your issue.