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A10 7860k BSOD On W10, weird bug in W7

Question asked by diegodsr on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by diegodsr

Hi, about 6 months ago i bought a A10 7860k APU, a few weeks later it start to give me BSOD in Windos 10 (Lastets drivers) mostly in games, a few times opening some small program like Sublime Text 3, or a video in youtube.

Updated my motherboard drivers and for a weeks or so, it stop giving me BSOD's... but they came back. Thinking it was a W10 problem, i wipe out the entire drive and installed a fresh copy of windows 7... now i dont have BSOD but this weird error where the left upper conner of my monitor starts to blinking, when i take a screenshot, it does not show anything, i put the mouse over the blinking sector and the cursor is showed perfectly (Screen attached)


I tried

  • Fresh install of OS (Win7 and win10)
  • Updated BIOS
  • Lastest Drivers (Current v16.12.2)
  • Check the ram with MemTest (No errors)
  • Check the Hard drive with the tools provided by Western Digital (No errors)
  • Check te Temp (50/51°C on iddle, 56/57°C with games running) (Is summer in this part of the earth )



  • Mother: MSI A68HM-E33 V2
  • Micro: AMD APU A10-7860k
  • RAM: 16Gb DDR3 Kingston Hyperx Fury (black series) - 2x8gb
  • HD: 1Tb WD Caviar Blue
  • PS: Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 550W


Thanks in advance