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RX 480 running at 100% idle load. Help!

Question asked by dj4aces on Feb 7, 2017

Good morning!


Recently, I purchased this video card from Newegg. For the ten days or so that I've owned it, it's largely been decent. No weird issues to speak of, no anomalies, just a solid card. However, tonight, something odd happened.


For no apparent reason, the computer hard froze. I wasn't doing anything really intensive at the time, just watching TV online. At the time, the GPU was running at 45C. I pushed the reset button, and the computer acted like it wanted to load Windows before it gave up. Monitors went into power saving mode, but the computer was still running. A power cycle allowed it to launch back into Windows, but this time, the GPU is running at 100 percent. I was running Crimson 16.12.2, released on 9 Jan 2017. I figured maybe there's a driver issue or something, so I removed the drivers entirely and installed 17.1.2, released 30 January 2017. Still no luck.




Furthermore, there's no virus that any software I've run can detect, so the Bitcoin thing is irrelevant. The app listed as using GPU, only uses anywhere between 0.3% and 4%, and typically stays at or below 0.5% unless bringing the window to the foreground.


What's going on here? Is this a driver problem, like the ones previously reported in this forum? Is this an odd hardware issue? How can I go about fixing this thing?


System specs:

I have overclocked none of my devices. This is a desktop computer.


CPU: AMD FX-8350

Memory: 16GB of DDR3

Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3

Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Currently installed driver: Crimson 17.1.2


     1. Viewsonic VX2757-mhd 1920x1080 connected via HDMI.

     2. Acer P203W 1680x1050 connected via DVI.

PSU: Corsair RM850i 850W


Thank you for reading! I'm looking forward to your responses.