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rx 480 performance issues

Question asked by thar0z on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by leggir

Hi all!!!


I've bought a gigabyte rx 480 g1 gaming 8gb expecting to play games over 60fps or at least at stable 60fps but nothing of that is happening.

The first game I tested was gta v, with settings in ultra it runs between 30 and 60fps (rarely 60fps), then I tried assassin's creed syndicate with same results. i'm using win 10 with a fx 8350 @ 4,3ghz cpu, 12gb ram and a ssd. the only game that runs at stable 60fps is tom clancey's rainbow six siege.


sincerely, does this gpu runs games like gta v in ultra at 60fps with my setup?

based in what i've read, it should. Is anything wrong with my pc that should be configurated or this performance is normal??


Thank you very much for you comments and help...