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Rx480 won't support 144hz with a Dvi dual link cable?

Question asked by wishingamdwouldwork on Feb 5, 2017

CPU- i5-4460


Mobo- MSI H81m-P33 Micro LGA1150


Ram- 8Gb ddr3


GPU- MSI rx480 Gaming X 8gb


     I got the 480 today, installed it, installed the drivers and plugged in my dual link Dvi cable. After start up, I noticed that the resolution was completely downscaled from 1920 to 1280(?) or something around that. My monitor (gn246hl) was already set to 144hz because my card before ran it quite well (750ti). Also, a blue rectangle appeared on my screen periodically telling me "incorrect cable. PLug in the dvi cable that came with your monitor". I already had this dvi cable plugged in so I tested to see if making the monitor run 60hz would fix it. It did, and even the resolution went back to 1920, but I'm still on 60hz when my computer could easily run 144hz on the games I play (CS:GO, Total War, etc.). I then did a LOT of uninstalls and reinstalls and unplugging and plugging in to the point where I just couldn't make this card run 144hz on my monitor.


     Can this card run 144hz on my monitor at all? I'm a noob when it comes to PC's, but I figured that a high tier graphics card like the 480 would easily be able to run 144hz when a lower tier GPU like the 750ti could with a dual link dvi cable.