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r7 370 4 way crossfire

Question asked by monsterdonster on Feb 5, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by black_zion

Hey all,


I happen to be in posession of 4 gpu



And I want to utilize them, i used to farm with them, so i have anniversary h97 asrock for that and 1x risers, which works ok for farming, but i guess, is not very good setup for gaming, i have those cards anyway, and just want to utilize them really, so i figured what would be the most effective solution to crossfire all 4 of them. yes yes i know diminishing returns etc, 4th cards doesnt add much etc, but then again, i already have them so may as well use them.


What i would want to know


1) is it possible to cf them 4 way? or only 2 way?

2) what kind of mobo should i use for that? preferable LGA 1150, since i have compatible proc, so i want to make it all as cheap as possible. So any clues? Much appreciated. In essence i want to turn my farmining rig to gaming rig i have ram, hdd, proc, 4 gpu, etc, just want to buy new case, anoteer MOBO and have fun )


Help will be much appreciated !!!