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    Overclock Problem in 17.1.2; have rolled back to 17.1.1 because those drivers don't have a similar problem


      My hardware:

      MSI 970A Gaming mboard UEFI version 22.4 (M4)/Corsair CX-750M PSU (62a x1 12v rail)/AMD FX-8320E @ 3.8 GHz (courtesy of the excellent EVO 212 CPU fan!)/RAM 16GB 4x4GB, 2133MHz interleaved, dual channel, 11-12-12-30-48-1T/LG MultiDrive DVD/Boot:Samsung EVO 850 256GB (UEFI boot partition)/2x 1TB WDC WD10EZEX Blue 7200 rpm in RAID 0/ST2000DM 006 2DM164 SATA (2TB)/MSI AMD R9 380 4GB/Realtek 1150 sound


      OS: Win10x64 build 15025


      Crimson ReLive 17.1.2 GPU drivers


      If I attempt to overclock the GPU through GlobalWattman in these drivers, the result is that the drivers *underclock*...to either 947MHz or 964MHz...in fact, I can set the overclock to, say, 1080 in Wattman GPU state settings, hit "Apply", and everything seems to register as it should.  However, when running a game or a benchmark the GPU is underclocked, and upon opening Global Wattman to inspect--the last three states for the GPU are grayed out and cannot be selected--with the underclocked speed as above-mentioned for STATE 4, STATES 5,6 & 7 are then all grayed out.  All that is possible at that point is to RESET to 980, whereupon all STATES are restored at their defaults and the driver will function at its defaults.  This is repeateable, as many times as I care to try to overclock--either manually or otherwise.


      However, no such problem exists with the 17.1.1 ReLive drivers, which I can overclock fine--either through Global Wattman or through 3rd-party control software (Such as Afterburner 4.3, which works fine with 17.1.1)  The problem with 17.1.2 occurs whether I have Afterburner 4.3 installed or completely uninstalled.


      One last note...in installing both the 17.1.1 drivers and the 17.1.2's, I always used "clean install" for both sets of drivers and leave the "Application Profiles 1.000" box empty (unchecked) per the default driver recommendation.


      Questions, comments, suggestions--it's not a big deal, except for the fact that I cannot use the latest drivers atm.