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problem with my R9 270x

Question asked by calvin on Feb 5, 2017

Hi   I have a problem with "spikes" in-game camera. Namely, when I turn the camera left or right, up or down, the camera weird skips. From what I know it is stuttering. I have installed the latest drivers for everything, I tried with another mouse, also did not help. Including the Vsync in some titles a little less it shows. A few months ago I changed the motherboard, processor, and RAM. BIOS is the latest version. I tried to format the drive but it's not possible. I changed the cable from the monitor, but it did not help.



i5 6600k

msi krait gaming x3 msi

R9 270x HAWK

2x4 GB 2400MHz CL14

corsair CX600M

seagate barracuda 1Tb

Windows 10 (64)