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Stream quality with polaris - my opinion

Question asked by oldgamer on Feb 5, 2017
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Iam owner of xfx RX 480 GTR BE. Was get amd with in mind that will be great option for streaming. AMD was advertise how great will be polaris for streaming with real time 2-pass video code. Was think its great , will be waiting for that. Fot this time i was owner of r9 380 , gtx 960 . Now was come moment of true , frist was get a gtx 1060 and was try a nvenc , was nice. After a one month of testing was get next a RX480 . Things was more complicated , streaming software was not fully supported a polaris. One men with help of others ppl its making a plugin for OBS - Michael alias Xaymar . He works very hard to make software better and better. After few time software was runing. Stream was  runing to but quality was not so great as should be( better was on r9 380 and nvidia cards) . But hey , its just start of software development. After few months AMD was put new SDK(that was about 6 months after premiere , lol ). And then was "things" comming out , polaris do not support a B-frames , has lower performance when come to encode speed ,  lol , but there is pre-analysis and other things . Xaymar still fight and doing hard work with development but looks like for now stream quality will be not better then r9 380 or nvenc , for now its worse. How i feel ? For now i feel very disappointed and deceived by AMD with false advertise.


PS. sry for my english