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Question asked by daemell on Feb 5, 2017

I have this problem. I tried uninstall drivers with DDU and install new AMD driver but its not a solution for me. I have this problem about 1 year. What can i do? When i try to watch some videos on Youtube on Google Chrome browser, after about 5 minutes there are some colored stripes on screen -the colors of stripes are relevant with background color- and its stuck on this screen, after 10-20 seconds, the screen gets a black screen about 1-2 second and i get last screen before problem but there is some green-red-blue colored dot on my screen and pc is get stucked, if I restart pc manually, after pc starts everything will run normally,if I wait on this screen it can get blue screen and error was thread_stuck_in_device_driver.I have same problem on League of Legends game, in Hextech screen and launcher client.What can i do? Please help.I have a Powercolor AMD Radeon R9 270x Devil Edition.

Im sorry about my English.I'm not so good at speaking English.

Motherboard:Asus M5a97Le r2.0

OS:Windows 10 64bit

PSU:High Power ECO 600w

RAM:Kingston HyperX 8gb 1600mhz (4x2)