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HD 6850 dual GPU card. 2nd GPU disabled.

Question asked by hobmarcus on Feb 5, 2017
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Hello all,

I've been having trouble with enabling my second HD 6850 card and doing crossfire with my dual HD 6850 graphic cards. In CCC, it said disabled adapter for the second gpu. As the following pics

1.PNG  Capture.PNG

the bus interface is different for 2 gpu. One is x16 and the other is x1. I tried to find the options in bios but still cannot find related option for that.I tested both graphic cards and they both work individually. I tried the latest version of drivers, and also other older version drivers for ccc (11.4 and 13.2) but it stays the same.


For GPUz,




I have a Asus p8p67 motherboard, so i get into the uefi bio and try to find the option for enabling second gpu/ (but also trying to find the option of igpu/duel graphic as well), but i cannot find them. How can I get the 2nd GPU to become active and crossfire?

Help appreciated.



*I tried to follow this

How to setup AMD dual graphics (hybrid crossfire) - YouTube

but I don't have NB configuration in my uefi bio, even though it is the latest update bios for my motherboard.


(Both graphic cards are showing up in the device manager: