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Can anybody tell me why i couldn't use firepro m6100 instead of firepro m7820?

Question asked by theo_szmuk on Feb 4, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by theo_szmuk


My laptop is a Dell Precision M6400

My video card is a quadro fx 3700m

the CPU is a q9300

I have 16 Gb of 1066 MHz Ram

Samsung ssd 128 Gb


So i've red that someone placed a quadro M5000 in same type of laptop. The problem is that those cards are rare and f'n expensive. That is way out its league. But it works with minor mechanic tweaking.

In the same thread, there were users that placed a firepro M7820 instead of quadro fx 3700 or fx3800m.


Now the two cards i'm asking about are identical dimensions wise.

Im asking cause it would be a huge improvement at a decent price, around 200 euro.

Or would you suggest another video card for an upgrade?


Thank you