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Permanent driver force default on windows 10

Question asked by felichella on Feb 4, 2017
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Hello !

I would like you to show me step by step the best way to install the AmD driver without having to be constantly bothered by the boring windows default driver.

I usually use the DDU (display driver uninstaller) but it does not help because after a few minutes the windows finish installing the driver by default.

I can only resolve if I install the driver by default and go to the control panel, uninstall the 2 drivers and install the latest version and not delete the AMD folder located in the folder C: / program files / AMD.

I use the DDU in safemode as advised and I click on the first option clean install or will I have to choose different options so that the driver of windows 10 stops me from bothering?

This becomes stupid whenever I install new drivers.