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AMD Radeon 7990 very low fps.

Question asked by guerero on Feb 4, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Earnhardt

Hi , I have bought 3 years ago for 700 euros an AMD Radeon 7990 from Gigabyte , I was always a fan of AMD , I also bought an AMD FX 8350 CPU . Since I have bought that PC with one of the best graphic cards back then I thought I would easily have at most games with high settings ( not even ultra ) atleast 60+ fps  ( I am using an Asus 144hz monitor with 1ms response and 16 GB RAM at 1866hz ) . Since then I've played more than 30 games. The average fps I get from a game is about 50. When I set my monitor to 60hz I get 60 fps average. I've tried everything I have found in forums about settings and things I could do to maximize my card even overclocking , nothing worked. The thing is that I cant believe I have spend 700 euros to a card that was supposed to give me very good graphics and fps and I only get 50 fps. This card is supposed to be the "enemy" of Nvidia GTX Titan. The support of AMD is tragic I even called them but they couldnt do anything to help me .

  My brother wanted to build a new PC so I bought him the same CPU as I have but with Nvidia GTX 980ti he has 120 average fps with the same monitor. I wanted to cry . If anyone can help me find a solution I would be in their debt.

Thank you and sorry for my english.

My specs: Asrock 990fx extreme9 - Motherboard

                 Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1866hz - Ram

                 AMD FX 8350 - CPU

                 AMD Radeon 7990 Gigabyte - GPU

                 Corsair RMx Series 1000W - Power Supply

                 Samsung evo 850 250GB - SSD

                 Western Digital 1TB 10000rpm - HDD

                 ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms - Gaming Monitor

The entire cost of the PC with keyboard mouse headset monitor and tower was 2500 euros.