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    AMD Radeon 7990 very low fps.


      Hi , I have bought 3 years ago for 700 euros an AMD Radeon 7990 from Gigabyte , I was always a fan of AMD , I also bought an AMD FX 8350 CPU . Since I have bought that PC with one of the best graphic cards back then I thought I would easily have at most games with high settings ( not even ultra ) atleast 60+ fps  ( I am using an Asus 144hz monitor with 1ms response and 16 GB RAM at 1866hz ) . Since then I've played more than 30 games. The average fps I get from a game is about 50. When I set my monitor to 60hz I get 60 fps average. I've tried everything I have found in forums about settings and things I could do to maximize my card even overclocking , nothing worked. The thing is that I cant believe I have spend 700 euros to a card that was supposed to give me very good graphics and fps and I only get 50 fps. This card is supposed to be the "enemy" of Nvidia GTX Titan. The support of AMD is tragic I even called them but they couldnt do anything to help me .

        My brother wanted to build a new PC so I bought him the same CPU as I have but with Nvidia GTX 980ti he has 120 average fps with the same monitor. I wanted to cry . If anyone can help me find a solution I would be in their debt.

      Thank you and sorry for my english.

      My specs: Asrock 990fx extreme9 - Motherboard

                       Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1866hz - Ram

                       AMD FX 8350 - CPU

                       AMD Radeon 7990 Gigabyte - GPU

                       Corsair RMx Series 1000W - Power Supply

                       Samsung evo 850 250GB - SSD

                       Western Digital 1TB 10000rpm - HDD

                       ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms - Gaming Monitor

      The entire cost of the PC with keyboard mouse headset monitor and tower was 2500 euros.

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          The 980ti is faster than the HD 7990, even if the game has perfect 100% linear scaling with Crossfire, so of course he will have higher FPS than you. And speaking of Crossfire, are you sure the games you are playing support multiple GPUs and that Crossfire is functioning properly? Also as an aside, that is an nVidia 3D Vision monitor.

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              They are Just "3d vision" ready,I run the Benq XL2720Z with 2 7950's in crossfire and It works great,And as long as a game has Crossfire support,there are no issues,BF3 and 4 were awesome,almost 100% scaling,GTA V works Like a charm as well,Didn't pick up BF1 because of NO Crossfire support and here in Canada the "premium" version was about $170,will never pay that for a game.