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Why would AMD cool and quiet place 2 Apu cores at minimum multiplier? Gigabyte boards?

Question asked by ifixit on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by veraxed

I have had an issue for 2 and a half weeks now where my A8-6600k and the A10-7860k and soon to be A10-7870k cpu and the Gigabyte F2-A88XM-HD3P motherboard.


When I disable AMD cool and Quiet in the bios 2 of my cpu's cores enter there lowest multiplier, 14x for the A10 and 19x for the A8 and will not ramp up when stressing, they are basically locked.


Now we thought hardware, so the replacement motherboard artrived this moring same model different serial number and woe behold the exact same problems including my now 95w A8 is at 50 degree's on idle.


But lets look at the cores issue, I had only noticed this since buying the new A10, what is really surprising is while waiting for the replacement A10 to come I put in my older A8, same issue. 2 cores at minimum. You can see i'm benching the cpu using 4 threads through Cpuid's Cpu-z whilst monitoring it with HWINFO64,, it's clearly happening look at the differing results compared to the 7850l they go up when Cool and quiet is enabled.


This feature disabled should NOT place 2 cores ina minimum multiplier state.


I have an excellent gold rated 750w PSU and it's perfect. No faults, none, not PSU. FSP Hydro G 750w Gold. FSP make the power supplies for a lot of named brands corsair etc..


I tested it and it came out spot on, never vdrops at all, none, nothing, under extreme load, as i'm nowhere near it's ceiling on wattage draw. and I've monitored it.


So any idea's AMD. is it a cool and quiet error in your cpu's or is this board a load of brokenness.