Dry Ice and LN2 Overclocking Overview/results thread

Discussion created by cavemanthe0ne on Feb 3, 2017
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I am an overclocker, and one of the projects I just recently have taken up is extreme overclocking. what is the difference between Extreme and normal overclocking? Using Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen and special cooling "pots" for the CPU (and sometimes the GPU(s)) as well.


So far I have gotten Dry Ice, and here are some photos of insulating the motherboard in preparation for extreme cooling:


This is kneaded eraser, which is used to create a seal around the motherboard and CPU to prevent any water build up and damage.

The CPU "pot" (which is one of the K|NGPIN F1 Dragon Gemini ones):


Mounted to the board:



System ready to go:



Now comes the fun part.... I have done a few quick tests, before I run the majority of them on this coming sunday during a livestream- which will either by on my twitch,, or on the AMD twitch channel. But I digress, I have run a couple of tests so far and hit 5.2 Ghz:


link: Intel Core i7 3970X @ 5198.79 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR

Which was done while at anywhere from -20C to 50C. Some more photos:




I'll be updating this with more results as I get them in!   Also if you've done anything like this feel free to comment results.