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Radeon 7790 running two displays with sound?

Question asked by esko on Feb 4, 2017



I have a question about the abilities of my graphics card, and I hope someone can help me.


I own an Radeon 7790 from Gigabyte and I would like to use two displays at the same time.I have picture on both simultaneously and it works great, but I would like to have sound too. One of my displays is connected via HDMI port and other via DVI that is converted to HDMI (on the other end). The display connected via HDMI seems to be primary and always has sound, but for the second one to have sound i have to disconnect the first display. Interestingly enough it is not enough just to turn the first display off, I have to unplug it from the graphics card and reset my PC in order for it to get sound.


Both displays are TV's actually, don't know if that makes any diference. I have attached a picture showing my settings.


In short, my question is. Is it possible to send picture and sound to both displays simultaneously with my graphics card? If yes, how?


Thank you in advance for your response and your time.