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The problem with installing the video driver on HD8750M

Question asked by killerelit96 on Feb 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by kingfish

Hello! The problem started when I got out of the driver krimson, Windows 10 has started to update the driver with catalist on crimson because of this video card in laptop it is not determined only runs built-in CPU HD8650G, and discrete does not work at frequency 0 in MSI afterburner, what could be the problem? In the description of the driver says that the card should be supported, at the moment I can put the driver catalyst of 15.7. Now when installing drivers, can't watch videos online in full screen mode, the screen becomes black but the sound goes when you uninstall the video drivers you can view. When you start the installation of the new driver version crimson error 174. I wonder what 8650g driver installed in normal although this chip is not on technology GCN, unlike the 8750m which is based on GCN architecture. Help!

My configuration: notebook Acer Aspire v5-552g, cpu A10-5757M, GPU HD8650G+HD8750M, RAM 8 GB, windows 10