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Crossfire compatibility and drivers

Question asked by titoo3718 on Feb 3, 2017
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First sorry for my english, long time I didn't practice...

I would like to use CrossFire with Watch dogs 2, Battlefield Hardline, and some other games.


With my GPU config (2x R9 270X OC) I tried to enable CrossFire to improve graphic performance.

The lastest AMD driver update (17.1.2) doesn't allow Crossfire in any game. It launches correctly, then crashes after a couple of minutes of playing. It is the same thing with only one active graphic card.

I tried everything I found on the net. DirectX update, Vcredist update... several crossfire profiles... doesn't work.


The best way to play is to downgrade AMD driver to version 16.11.5. With this one, I can play Watch Dogs 2 for approximately 1h then, it becomes slow and crashed out.

With this previous driver version and with Crossfire disabled, I can play for hours without any problem, but with poor quality graphics... With this driver version, I can't run Farming simulator 2017 however it works with 17.1.2. I didn't tried compatibility with other games...


So if I want to play to different games I have to install different driver version for each game ?

It seems strange that 17.1.2 cannot do the same things and better as 16.11.5...


Maybe I'm doing something wrong ?

Maybe that trust in crossfire is the biggest mistake I did ?  Will AMD repay my second useless graphic card or change both of them for a single RX 480 8Go  ?


Many thanks for your help !


Computer Specs :

MSI z77 G45 gaming

i5 3570k OC 4.2GHz | 5.9 turbo (auto OC from motherboard)

RAM 4x4 Go 1600MHz G. Skill

2x MSI R9-270X OC (GPU clock 1400MHz | memory clock 1450MHz | power limit +10%)

SSD (Windows 10 x64 and games) | 4x2To HDD

3 screens 23"