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AMD radeon 7650m can not play any Games

Question asked by kinhthienvuong on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2017 by keshvarifar

Hi everyone.

Im Arthur and this is my computer information

Laptop HP probook 4540s


AMD Radeon HD 7650m

Intel hd family 4000

CPU: Intel core i5 3210m

OS : windows 10 pro 1607 buld 14393.0

Ram: 2x4gb ram 1600

There is my proplem:

6 days ago, everything was worked well. i can use my gpu for game and played well. but last night i opened World of warships and can not loading game, black screen and not responding.

I tried with Leauge of legend and had same problem. but when i disable Amd gpu and use Intel family graphic, everything will working well (but not high performance). I tried update AMD driver and " The death blue screen opened" =))

i tried to installed new windows 10 by source from MS and nothing changed

Hope you can help me :/

thank you!

(Sorry i write english are not good, hope you can understand )


Some Pictures